Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mistakes have been made, others will be blamed...or the hard work of being a loony

Being different isn't easy, that's quite well known. That's probably why mainstreamlers think us crazy, and maybe they are right.
Thing is though, I don't really see myself having a choice.
It's not as if I could decide to just unlearn the things that made me who I am, or ignore my conscience so I can do what all the rest is doing, without feeling remotely bad for it. Never mind that they know better (or should, at least).
Everybody else is doing it, so it's ok.

I wonder how many other people have to say 'no, it's not ok that you want to treat me like a suspected criminal, invade my home and establish all those rules&tests there that already failed you in public education' for me to not be a looner any more, and maybe taken seriously when I say I do have a problem with that, and I won't consent to that.

There's this simple little saying that could help a lot if people would pay attention to it. If something isn't broken, don't try to fix it.
So please, dear government! Why don't you take all those nice taxes and invest them in something that actually NEEDS fixing? Like the public school system, to name just one example.

That would have the added benefit of leaving people like me in peace and give us the time to provide that support and education we are comitted to for our children.

I know perfectly well that I'm not speaking for every home educating parent out there, but this is my humble opinion.
I'd really rather plan a day out with my little one and the dog instead of writing emails to my MP and considering which countries we could move to if those proposed changes actually do come to pass.
Never mind the little sidelines of will my marriage survive that? etc.

So yes, this has me stressed out, and not because I have something to hide or the like, but because my experience with government rules, regulations&officials is pretty much based on Murphy's law it seems.
Where they can f*** it up, they will! And in this case it's my family that's on the line, thank you very much, so do excuse me if I'm overreacting a little and am officially outraged!
I fail to see the greater good that might be cited to justify this invasion of my home at all.
I also fail to see any justification at all to even consider this intrusion into private home and life and civil liberties in the first place.

So here is little me against the odds, hoping that common sense will win out for once, and be it just to even out the playing field a bit.
I really don't fancy moving country again.